Evolving to the Next Level

Days in and days out, spending hours upon hours in the ocean sounds like a dream come true to most ocean enthusiasts. However, for me, after more than a decade of sharing the stoke of surfing with folks from all around the world… well, quite frankly, my body can barely do it anymore. My shoulders feel like they’re going to come out of they’re sockets.

Even though the elation I feel when someone gets a wave for the first time is incomparable, my aging body is screaming for some relief. So, with the history and experience I have garnered in the surf industry as a “professional longboarder” during the 1990s, as well as the education I have attained both as a Special Education Instructional Assistant and as a Communication specialist, I have developed a plan to help young women feel supported and encouraged.

Check it out… http://thesurfinstitute.com/junior-wahine-empowerment-workshop-series-2/

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